Computations in Science Seminars

Information for Speakers

The Computations in Science seminar series takes place on Wednesdays at 12:15 in the physics building, Kersten Physical Sciences Learning Center, room 206. Before the seminar, at roughly 12:00, people gather in that room to eat their lunch and have a general discussion. The format is very informal. This seminar covers topics and an audience which are considerably more diverse than implied by the seminar's name. It serves theorists in the physical sciences, as well as those from experimental condensed matter physics and the biological sciences. The audience depends on the topic, but consists mostly of theorists from physics, applied mathematics, computer science, astronomy and astrophysics, biophysics, physical chemistry, neuroscience and geophysics. The list of subjects covered is even broader than suggested by this list of audience. Because of the wide variety of attendees, it is good to begin with an introduction to the topic which is intelligible to first-year grad students in the physical sciences. After a while the talk should proceed to a research level. People are interested in the science, but also want to know about computational methods when they are novel and interesting. The talks typically last for fifty minutes, followed by questions. Interruptions and questions during the talk are also common.
The hosting proffessors are William Irvine () , Arvind Murugan () , and Stephanie Palmer () . If you have any suggestions regarding potential speakers for the seminar, please feel free to contact them. The speaker's visit schedule is coordinated by the postdoc organizers: Martin Falk () , Carlos Floyd () , and Daniel Seara () . If there is someone in particular you would like to meet during your visit feel free to contact them. They are also the contacts should you need any special visual aids for the talk (other than an overhead LCD projector and a small blackboard which are provided by default).
Accommodations and reimbursement are coordinated by Brenda Thomas (). By default we make reservations for the speakers at the Quadrangle Club, which functions as the faculty club for university of Chicago. It is about 2 blocks from our research institute. It is also possible to stay at a hotel in downtown Chicago, which is closer to tourist sights, but this requires a cab ride down to the University. Speakers preferring to stay downtown should contact Ms. Thomas as early as possible so that we can cancel our standing reservation at the Quad Club and make the appropriate arrangements. Unless otherwise stated, the speakers are to make their own travel arrangements. We will pay for your travel and local expenses. Our budget, although somewhat flexible, is $1100/talk. You can help some by keeping the air fare down. In general, flights into Midway airport are cheaper and more convenient than those into O'Hare.
Reimbursement forms and addressed envelopes are available with the organizing post-docs. Alternatively you may download a pdf copy of the travel expense voucher. Print the form, fill it and sign, attach relevant receipts and send to:

Brenda Thomas
The University of Chicago
Center for Integrative Science
The James Franck Institute
929 E. 57th Street - E221
Chicago, IL 60637